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Led by an elite team of industry veterans with specialized experience and unparalleled aviation finance industry knowledge, we are ready to help you reach new heights.

High Ridge Aviation and LR AirFinance combine to offer a broad range of financing products and services for commercial passenger and cargo aircraft as well as jet engines.

We are a passionate team of experts drawing on deep domain knowledge to create win-win partnerships for operators, financiers and investors. We work with you to solve complex challenges and create tailored solutions that will enable your business to thrive.
Our financing products and services include operating leases, sale/leasebacks, secured debt financing, engine leasing, aircraft trading, as well as asset management and servicing to investors.


While our principal activity is leasing and financing new and young commercial aircraft, in addition to our core commercial aircraft leasing operation, our full-service platform supports active management through the aircraft’s complete lifecycle. We work with our clients to ensure asset value optimization and risk mitigation with a complete suite of products and services.
Our team includes expert knowledge in Operations, Technical Services, Legal and Compliance, Credit Risk, Finance, Contract Management, Corporate Planning and Investment, and Taxation.


Operating Leases

From short-term to long term leases with aircraft configured to your airline’s specific brand standard, High Ridge Aviation operating leases provide airlines the fleet flexibility to better manage through business cycles, eliminate residual value and asset disposal risk, and preserve your working capital.

Sale Leasebacks

Through short- or long-term asset sale leasebacks (SLBs), High Ridge Aviation can buy your aircraft or engine and seamlessly lease it back to you for an agreed term, releasing equity for other business needs and eliminating residual value risk. We also provide pre-delivery payment (PDP) financing through LR AirFinance.

Aviation Finance

LR AirFinance provides and arranges asset-based financing for commercial aircraft and engines, serving airlines, aircraft traders, lessors, investors, financial institutions, and manufacturers. Its syndication capability allows LR AirFinance to source, arrange and manage diversified and optimized sources of financing.


Serving the global aviation investor community, High Ridge Aviation offers operators and investors the opportunity to purchase individual and aircraft portfolios, with or without existing leases attached. Aircraft are an attractive investment asset class but require expertise in keeping them on-lease, which is why High Ridge Aviation can structure transactions to provide such lease servicing to institutional investors.

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